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To the reader just arrived at the site led by professional reasons or for mere curiosity, welcome! For both, though not interested in knowing more about this web space or its contents, I say that, at the basis of personal and professional improvement, there must always be awareness of being part of an increasingly interdependent world and also of a social complex and delicate background: only honest and motivated people can work in synergy without being fooled by futureless shortcuts.
There is never a border of science and soul you cannot enlarge and consolidate. This belief is the basis of my choice to confront the most varied fields of engineering, so as to improve both the technical expertise and the values related to the sphere of emotional intelligence, from which, above all, our success of men and women largely depends on.




The office founded in 2009 by Ing. Felice GIANNOTTE and called GIANNOTTE ENGINEERING - Office of Industrial Design and Consulting has, among his reasons for being, the passion and desire to contribute in a professional way in carrying out projects under the most varied fields of civil and industrial engineering.
From 1999 until late 2008,Mr GIANNOTTE played professional activity as an associate of the engineering firm of primary importance in his hometown, Taranto, as structural design, hydraulic and maritime security coordinator in the implementation stage of work and cooperation in several constructions managements.
The natural predisposition to develop sincere relationships so as to achieve the objective in the shortest time, was significantly increased and expanded in the last 10 years of occupation. The search for better management of human resources (employees, contractors and consultants of the bureau) and customer satisfaction have always been the basis for its communicative, human and professional action.
In almost 12 years of occupation Mr Giannotte has acquired among others, the knowledge to set the meta-design and organize the execution of work in modules to be assigned to individual employees and / or colleagues, developing also the ability to meet deadlines delivery through implementation of a continuous system monitoring.
He had the opportunity to learn technical disciplines about scientific field of civil and industrial engineering also through the attendance at specific courses for learning the main software engineers as SismiCad, Algor FEA, ProSap, Alibre Design, Hydronet and others.

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